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          One of the best things about paintings is their silence ~
          which prompts reflection and random reverie. ~Mark Stevens

A. S. Art Studio

How would you like the opportunity to add a more personal touch to your home with your own art pieces even if you never considered yourself an artist?

Here at A S art studio discover a unique opportunity to create your own art. Come discover the joy of being an artist even if you have never painted before!

Oil on Canvas is open to all ages 12 and up.
Oil on canvas will be used for all the paintings. Having experimented with many mediums, like watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, ceramics, and pastels I prefer using oil on canvas. Oil on canvas is one of the most popular mediums used by artists throughout the history of art.

There are lots of advantages to using oil as a medium. Oil gives a painting the rich velvety texture and look. An oil painting takes time to dry and it is therefore easier to make corrections on the painting. Lumps of paint can be used in ‘knife painting’ to enhance the texture of the painting.

As you progress through your painting you will explore a variety of techniques. One of the art techniques that we will be using is the Optical Indexing Technique/Grid. This technique allows us to resize any Image to the desired dimensions. We will be using a grid for all drawings to obtain the correct proportions of the Image. This will then be transferred on to a canvas for painting. Other skills that will be explored during the sessions are color mixing, brushwork, paint application, creating texture, etc.

At the end of a session you will be the proud owner of a painting that you created from scratch. You may choose to hang it up in your own home, make a gift of it, even sell it or simply bask in the sense of achievement and joyfulness that creating something brings!

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