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          One of the best things about paintings is their silence ~
          which prompts reflection and random reverie. ~Mark Stevens

Personal Statement

I have always been interested in Art. I had long admired the works of art done by the Masters and visited art galleries in London and Paris. I was keen to learn the techniques that would enable me to reproduce the work of the Masters. I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Sanat Thaker, a well known Indian artist. When I visited his studio for the first time I was really impressed with the work he had accomplished with his students. I looked at the pieces on display and thought to myself I had a long way to go before I could ever come anywhere close to achieving that standard of excellence. But my love of art made me determined and patient.

While living in Milwaukee in 1990, I taught and volunteered at the Milwaukee Art Museum. When I moved to Denver, I taught private art lessons. I would like to continue to share the techniques that I have learned with the community in Charlotte.

Painting is the best form of relaxation for me, a great stress buster. I believe that painting is pure and inspirational, a pleasure, and most of all Godís gift. This gift has enriched my life and brought me a lot of pleasure. I would love to pass on the techniques that I have learned to interested individuals, aged 12 and above. Please contact me at 704-778-0814 for more information.

~ Illa Joshi

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